Code of conduct Trans Maritime Ltd

Since it’s foundation in the Year of 1972 it has always been the aim of Trans Maritime Ltd to offer their customers first class transportation and logistics services.
This Code of Conduct corresponds to our sustained trading philosophy for which Trans Maritime Ltd stands for.

Social responsibility
The social responsibility for people and environment has for generations had high priority in our company’s philosophy.

Human rights
Trans Maritime Ltd proclaims to stick to the international announced human rights; these include the equally treated individual, minimum wage and working hours according to the valid working contracts. We reject any kind of discrimination. We undertake to treat each individual equally, regardless of gender, origin, nationality, religion, or disability. We condemn all forms of child labour and forced labour.

In order to give best service possible to its customers, Trans Maritime Ltd takes utmost care in training its employees: both internally and externally.

Health and safety
Trans Maritime Ltd is working according to the national and international laws in regards to health and safety of their employees. All hauliers & sub-contractors are informed about the health and safety requirements with a specially created „haulier- & sub-contractors manual“ which forms an integral part on the cooperation.

Trans Maritime Ltd supports the use of energy-efficient and environmental friendly transport equipment. Empty milage is avoided, whenever this is possible. All hauliers and sub-contractors are regularly instructed to keep to the international laws, especially about the rules regarding the transport of dangerous goods.

Ethics in business
It is of utmost importance for Trans Maritime Ltd to treat all partners in a friendly and fair manner. This forms the basis for long lasting relationships. Trans Maritime Ltd is choosing its partners under fair and objective conditions. Apart from price, quality and service-level, the integrity of a partner is very important to Trans Maritime Ltd. We strictly reject corruption and bribery.

It is not allowed for the staff of Trans Maritime Ltd to give or accept gifts of all forms that might have an influence on business decisions. Invitations and gifts may only be given/accepted if they do not influence the business in any way and do not give the impression of returnable services of all kinds. We abstain from all forms of money laundering activities.

Expectation of each individual
It is binding to all staff of Trans Maritime Ltd to strictly adhere to this Code of Conduct. The management is responsible for its adherence and will undertake relevant steps if an irregularity is observed.

Trans Maritime Ltd, February 2016
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